Aslıhan Keçebaşoğlu


14492367_10154587276870970_5847010169999881146_nAslıhan Keçebaşoğlu was born in Ankara, on December 16th, 1994. She began her formal musical studies in 2007 by entering the examinations held by the state conservatory of Antalya. After her succes, she began her piano studies under the guidance of Prof. Devlet Devrim Öztaş. She pursued her education with Yuriy Sayutkin until the end of high school, which she finished with the second highest honours.

After her high school graduation, she attended the entrance examinations of Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performance’s theory and composition department. Winning a full scholarship, she began her undergraduate studies under the teaching of Onur Türkmen. Her piece ’Moments for Six Distinct Manners’, which she wrote in her first year in Bilkent University, was played in the 6th New Music Days of Bilgi University by the German ensemble ‘Garage’. This same piece led to the first international event in her composing career: she was invited to a series of concerts of young Turkish and German composers in Köln in February 2016, where her piece was once again interpreted by the ‘Garage’ ensemble. Two of her other pieces, the ‘Duet for viola and piano’ and her ‘Trio for Flute, Cello, Piano’ were played in the 8th and 9th ‘Sesin Yolculuğu’ composers festival at the Süreyya Opera house in Kadıköy, Istanbul. Recently her piece “Encounters” were played at the 10th of the same festival. She has also attented composition masterclasses held by Mark Andrè‚ Riccardo Piacentini and Michael Ellison.

Aslıhan Keçebaşoğlu pursues her studies in the faculty of music and performing arts in Bilkent University, studying composition and music history with Onur Türkmen; harmony and orchestration with Yiğit Aydın; form, polyphony and fugue and post tonal theory with Tolga Yayalar,Ear-training with Maria Nowotna as well as conducting and score reading with Işın Metin. She has consistently been in the list of high honours.

As a composer, I believe that the material used in my music, in its purest form, is not of my own creation: I like to think of them as singular formations, independent of anything or anyone.
My main compositional tool as a composer is getting into contact and simply witnessing the existence of these formations. The “Encounters” that I have witnessed during this process are rare situations, found deep in the structure of this work; situations that guided my knowledge and instincts into giving life to this piece. “Encounters”, for me, is a journey: a journey of probing through the structures and layers of modal & spectral worlds, a journey of unexpected, surprise encounters.

Download score for Encounters.