Engin Dağlık


enginEngin Dağlık (b.1987, Turkey)

Between 2012-2017, during his bachelor degree in Istanbul Bilgi University department of music, he studied composition with Turgut Pöğün and Tolga Tüzün. He studied jazz composition and arranging with Emin Fındıkoğlu. He has attended several festivals and workshops such as Impuls Academy, “Journey of Sound” Young Composers’ Festival, Music Connects Contemporary! Cologne-Istanbul, Bilgi New Music Festival, Bilkent Composition Academy. In such festivals, he has got chance to study so far with internationally renowned names like Pierluigi Billone, Enno Poppe, Dmitri Kourliandski, Simon Steen-Andersen, Klaus Lang, Kurt Rohde, Tolga Yayalar, Onur Türkmen among others. Besides composing, he regularly plays drums and percussion in various projects and free improvisation sessions.

AVAZ is particularly written for Hezarfen Ensemble in order to be performed at Bilkent Composition Academy in 2017. The title means “one’s loudest, strongest voice” , and etymologically comes from Farsi. Before I started to compose this piece, I had the state of someone’s yelling loudly, piercingly in my mind. I use this state as a morphological connection for the piece. So, there is certainly not an intention of portraying a situation or story. I strongly believe that every piece creates its unique temporal identity and listeners perceive it subjectively. In order to preserve this subjective listening experience, I do not prefer to give any detailed technical explanation of the piece which might create prepossessions during the listening process.

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E-mail: engindaglik@gmail.com