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Schofield_photo Thai composer Thanakarn Schofield was born in Bangkok 1993, he started composing at Mahidol College of Music under the guidance of James Ogburn. In 2012, he moved to London to study composition with David Sawer at the Royal Academy of Music. He graduated in 2016. Currently, he is studying an MMus Composition at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in the Hague with Peter Adriaansz. He had received masterclasses and worked with several significant composers such as: John Adams, Peter Maxwell Davies, Joel Hoffman, Besty Jolas, Paul Patterson, and Rolf Wallin. Schofield has worked with professional ensembles and soloist such as: But What About ensemble, Inflexio Duo, MIVOS string quartet, Tacet(i) ensemble, X.Y ensemble, Yokohama contemporary ensemble, and Srdjan Bulat. His compositions have been performed in Armenia, Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Japan, Netherland, Thailand, and United Kingdom.

The composition is based on a single tone that transforms into various gestures and again, fuses into a singularity. In the process of composing this piece, I have used a similar method to Tibetan chant singing or overtone singing technique, as a single pitch slightly exposes into various gestures, constructed dense texture through out harmonic spectrums. The word “Akasha” is coming from Sanskrit which means ‘aether’. Although, in Hindu philosophy the word can be described with technical meanings “an ethereal fluid imagined as pervading the cosmos”.
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