Uğurcan Öztekin


Öztekin, Uğurcan BCA17 PortraitUğurcan Öztekin was born in Istanbul in 1990. He studied composition with Mehmet Ali Uzunselvi and electroacoustic music with Onur Dülger at Kocaeli University State Conservatory. Before his composition studies, he also studied History of Art at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (2008-2012). His music has been performed in several concerts and festivals in Spain, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Turkey (Festival Mixtur, Atlas Festival, Computer Space International Computer Art Forum) by ensembles such as Ensemble Diagonal (Paris), Atlas Ensemble (Amsterdam) and Hezarfen Ensemble (İstanbul).

In spite of having a remarkable proximity to spectral music regarding its general character and sonic components, Naufragii, composed for Hezarfen Ensemble, is constructed completely in an unconditioned manner without any spectral analysis and without adhering to a particular system. Basically; Naufragii, composed of the chords and textures deriving from the harmonic series and their variations that occasionally replace each other in progress, presents a monolithic flow with variable auditory structures.

Download score for Naufragii.

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